Artist Statement

Photo, is said to be the art of light.

There is a moment that the here and there of life to feel the overlap of light. From there, began my light looking game. Light, it is not of course visible to the eye.

Paul Klee said, “The purpose of art is not to directly reproduce what appears to the eye that ” is visible “” .

One morning, I saw a strong light from a flash on the opposite side of a room, in a quiet beautiful space of natural light, I felt that I found a light that is swimming freely.

There are, it’s quiet, but light intertwined that is sensual & faintly visible.

But what is really important is that which is ”invisible”.

However, the negative taken by instinct, by matching the painted a chemical that has been formulated by careful research support, it did not appear to be through the camera 〔I use a Deardolff〕,unexpected light and shadow born … Black tight, and above all halftone. Beauty of tone in the infinite between the white and black’s not what you do over the platinum print, this “overlap”, I think that there is the essence of beauty.

This series is the beauty in the overlap and sleeping light at large format camera, which cast a spell when sublimating it as platinum printing is going to be expressed in a form that is visible.

Miraculous Layers 〜 2015.11 ”11th Annual National Alternative Processes Competition, Soho Photo Gallery, New York, USA, a winner



人生のあちこちに光の重なりを感じる瞬間がある。 そこから、私の光探しゲームが始まった。 光は、もちろん目に見えない。





しかし、本能で撮ったネガと、入念な研究により配合された薬液を塗った支持体をあわせることで、カメラを通さなければ見えなかった、思いもよらない光と影が生まれてくる…黒のしまり、そして何よりハーフトーン。この白と黒の間に無限にある階調の美しさはプラチナプリントに勝るものはないし、私はこの”重なり”にこそ、 美の真髄があると思うのだ。