Name : Ena(石井 江奈 – Ena Ishii)
Platinum Print Artist & Announcer
Born on August 19
Home Town : Tokyo, Japan. Soon to be “Hawaii” in near future.


Graduated from Rikkyo University in Tokyo in 1996.
(Studied art abroad at University of Paris in 1994.)

1995~2004 Worked as a newscaster(sports, news,etc.) for several major TV company in Japan.

Studied photography under Robert Adachi,
2014 Once in a life time meeting with platinum prints,
Joined New York FOTOSPHERE Fine Art Photo Workshop,
Studied platinum palladium printing methods under Ryuji Taira.


  • 2014.8
    Group show ”5knots.”, Bright Photo Salon, Tokyo, Japan
  • 2015.9
    ”Ashiya Photo Exhibition 2015”, Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art, Kobe, Japan, a winner
  • 2015.11
    ”11th Annual National Alternative Processes Competition, Soho Photo Gallery, New York, USA, a winner

When I was little, I took blurred pictures on purpose.
Because “ Important things are invisible”.
I thought that there is the true nature of the thing in the blurred vision, not only we can believe absolutely in what we see.

It was interesting at the beginning, but it’s starting to get boring.
I’d like to shoot more realistic and specific details, if anything, I yearns to perceive the invisible by pursuing the vision to its limit.
And then, I just thought to use an 8×10 format camera. As it takes time and energy to capture one image with it, you really have to face the object.

I mixed, coated, exposed, and developed all platinum prints myself. Therefore, I’ll never make any one that’s the same (no duplicates).
The platinum is the most stable metal on earth, as platinum prints are made using this precious metal, the projected images are preserved universally and permanently – some say up to 500 to 1000 years – as well!
So I can preserve “beautiful thing” in our world as beautiful as they can possibly be for even hundreds of years.

Photograph meaning “drawing with light”.
The material of platinum prints is exposed to UV rays, for which conventional UV lamps are normally used in Japan.

It is my present duty to change from something invisible, intangible such as my favorite smell, breeze of Hawaii by utilizing UV rays of natural Hawaiian sunlight.
It has been my dream to deliver to many people as possible that my work of art which stored light through the “magic box”(= my camera) and transfer it to platinum prints.

. . . . . . . . . .



また、プラチナは、地球上で最も安定した金属なので、プラチナプリントとして感光したイメージも同様に、いつまでも変わる事なく保存される 〜一説には500年から1000年の保存が可能ともいわれている。