”New York Diary”

一ヶ月に渡るNYCでの展示も、残り一週間を切りました。今月3日にSoho Photo Galleryで開催された オープニングレセプションでは、アメリカ各地から集った同じ志を持つアーティスト仲間に出逢えたこと、意見交換が出来たことは、今の私にとって何よりも刺激的で、大きな収穫となりました!


…You need to learn photography? Really? Of course, we all can learn. But, Ena, you are already so accomplished. You have mastered the craft of platinum printing, no small endeavor in itself.

So, I think you know photography very well. And your own spirit is rich and sensitive and perceptive: I suspect you have things reversed: you should be teaching us about photography…



*Joni Sternbach (juror)
Very original work. Conceptually there are many layers of imagery that tell a story.

When I saw the photograph I imagined who made it and was surprised when I met the artist. It was exactly who I thought created it.
The work is an image to Alfred Stieglitz’s Georgia O’Keefe portraits and the artist connects her gestures to Stieglitz.

*The mid-tune greys were done with skillfully finesse. The artist created an image that is subtle and powerful, the hand holding the precious stone is not noticed at first and a delightful surprise.
*The artist is inviting you into a her world. Her past and influences and the soft gestures of her intimate world!



私の作品は、そのままカリフォルニア Santa Barbaraのギャラリーを巡回することが決まり、私の手を離れてこれからどんな展開を見せていくのか、自分でもとても楽しみです。